San Antonio Spurs

Changing a Philosophy and Culture

The Situation

The San Antonio Spurs front office asked SNI to help them take an already successful operation and make it even more efficient and effective. From contract negotiations, to trades, to strategic decision making, all aspects of the front office were fair game to improve. Additionally, the Spurs wanted help implementing a systematic process that would help them withstand the turnover that comes with consistent success.

The SNI Solution

SNI quickly determined that while the front office group was revered around the league as being one of the best, they needed to be more systematic in their overall process. They were used to being reactive instead of proactive due to the quickly changing dynamics of a NBA team. SNI took the front office through negotiation and influence programs, and provided Real Deal coaching on specific situations. This business partnership has proved so successful that it is continues after a decade.

The Impact

“I was very skeptical of SNI and their ability to help our organization at the start. We have a very talented group and did not initially grasp the benefits of working with SNI. I will freely admit that I was 100% wrong. Working with SNI has made our group stronger and more confident than I could have ever imagined. Their guidance and partnership has helped our group not only create better deals with players and agents, it has helped us tremendously improve our internal processes and communication as well. There is no doubt that we are always very well prepared no matter what situation we encounter. SNI is now just another part of our Spurs family and we’re very grateful for their continuous support.”

–RC Buford, General Manager, San Antonio Spurs

The Result

The Spurs front office has stated that working with SNI has saved their organization millions of dollars with regard to player contracts, as well as benefited the team in other areas of the business. The key to the success, however, is revealed in their ability to create relationships that are considered respectful and highly valued regardless of the final financial arrangement. They stand by the fact that this is one of the main reasons they maintained their high level performance for a such as long period of time.