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SNI is the premier global provider of sales, influence, and negotiation training and consulting. Founded in 1995, and having trained over 250,000 professionals, we are the leader in training, consulting and keynotes in these three specific content areas. We focus on the bottom line, the people, and the tools that drive continued success for the world’s leading organizations every day.

SNI provides a competitive advantage to our clients by maximizing their ability to create mutually beneficial and profitable long-term relationships with peers, vendors, and customers.

Our success is built on helping professionals at all levels use a systematic approach to get more accomplished, faster, and with a higher degree of effectiveness. Founded as Shapiro Negotiations Institute by Ron Shapiro – New York Times Bestselling Author, Attorney, Educator, Sports Agent, and Civic Leader – SNI’s content is based on over 40 years of lessons learned in real-life situations. SNI digs into specific industry and client challenges, so our tools and techniques can be used immediately and repeated with precision.

Please use our website as a way to learn about our SalesNegotiation, and Influence training and consulting and give us a call or fill out the contact form if you want to find out more.


Andres Lares Managing Partner at Shapiro Negotiations Institute
Andres Lares

Managing Partner

Advisor, Deal Coach, Innovator, Thought leader, Award-winning Trainer.

Jeff Cochran, Partner of Shapiro Negotiations Institute
Jeff Cochran


Top Rated Speaker, Business Leader, Educator, and Entertainer. “Best in the Business”

Ronald M. Shapiro Founder of Shapiro Negotiations Institute
Ron Shapiro

Founder, Adviser

Expert Negotiator, Sports Agent, Attorney, Educator, New York Times Bestselling Author, and Civic Leader


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